Hey, it’s Efi.

I’m a curve model and body positive activist, and welcome to my new blog! 

I am so excited to be working with Curves Management on a project all about mental health and body positivity, something that is so close to my heart. I’m hoping this blog will be an open and honest page where I can offer support and a couple of words of wisdom from my experiences in the fashion industry, both as a ‘straight size’ model and a ‘curve model’. You may recognise me from the most recent series of Britain’s Next Top Model, where I struggled a lot with my self image and my confidence. Unfortunately, I had to leave the show due to my struggles with depression, and I feel that mental health is something that needs to be spoken about so much more. We are in the age of self-revolution; women are learning to love and embrace their bodies, cellulite, dimples and more. I believe that this self love also needs to spread towards our inner selves, and the so-called ‘imperfections’ that we may also find there. As women, we are learning that both our bodies and our minds are so strong and powerful, and as part of that self revolution we are rejecting societal expectations of the female image.

Curves Management is all about embracing that girl power, and the desperate need for diversity in the fashion industry. I want this blog to be part of that movement in ending both the prejudice towards size diversity, and the stigma surrounding mental health. My hope is that one day labels will no longer exist, and a ‘plus size’ model will simply be a model. I’ll be checking in every month with a new blogpost. So if there’s anything you would like me to address, whether its fashion related or mental health based, let me know by hashtagging #efispeaks on social media.

                                                   Big love,