2018: The year of diversity

Hello and welcome to The Curves Management blog!

As an agency, our aim is to bring diversity to the fashion industry and to show the world that EVERY 'BODY' IS BEAUTIFUL.

There is no such thing as the 'perfect' body, instead we believe in the beauty of diversity. 

Our beautiful models therefore, come in all shapes and sizes. We want people to be able to look at our models and feel represented. We want them to think 'my body looks like that, I am beautiful.' You can expect to read A LOT about positive body image here, as we aim to empower both men and women. 

Any model of any size is welcome at Curves Management, it would be counter productive to turn people away because of their size. A model who is a size 6, 10, 14 or 24 etc, is still a model and statistics do not change this. All sizes have a home on our main board. 

We are kicking 2018 off with a bang, starting with our official launch on January 1st, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Kicking off the blog is Efi Speaks, our beautiful influencer Efi Clements will be writing an open and honest article on the 15th of every month with the overall aim of raising awareness, promoting diversity and helping individuals going through similar experiences.

Remember to use the hashtag #efispeaks to share your own experiences or to make requests on topics you would like Efi to discuss.

 Our blog is also home to, model diaries, BTS, weekly updates and more.  

We are extremely excited for the future and believe 2018 is the year of diversity in the fashion industry! Please Keep your eyes peeled. 

 Interested in becoming a model?  You can hashtag #curvemcr and #curveldn for the chance to be scouted. 

Jody x

Founder and Managing Director of Curves Management Ltd